Project information

  • Client: Web Development
  • Year: 2017
  • Disciplines: UI & UX Design, Web Development

We’re demystifying the Blue Book by providing an app that automatically generates legal citations using a few simple inputs. Designed with the busy law student in mind, CiteBlue simplifies and modernizes the process of legal writing. Our technology scans an expansive database and provides users with accurate and up-to-date citations in seconds.

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The Problem

Law students, paralegals, and lawyers alike have wrestled with the same problem for years: How can legal citations be made simpler, faster, and more efficient?

Searching for legal citations currently accounts for a large portion of a legal practitioner's overall time spent on a case. Much of this time is spent manually searching for citations in the Blue Book, the industry-standard style guide. Given the Bluebook’s daunting 511 pages of text, this process is often tedious and time-consuming. Our team came together to find a way to make the busy legal practitioner’s life a little easier.

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Our Solution

Kuvio Creative is excited to present CiteBlue, the long-awaited answer to this common problem. CiteBlue is an app and desktop website that automatically generates accurate legal citations in seconds.

Using a few user inputs, CiteBlue scans an expansive database in seconds, replacing the once-dreaded task of manually locating case information.

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Our Process

Our developers worked to create seamless and intelligent algorithms that learn and adapt with the user by archiving old inputs and using this information for future suggestions. Next, our designers set to work to stylize the front-end of our amazing technology, providing a beautiful user experience.

Here at Kuvio Creative, we pride ourselves on making algorithms as beautiful as they are functional.

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Think of CiteBlue as your full-time legal assistant; we won’t stop working until you do.

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