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  • Client: Web Development
  • Year: 2017
  • Disciplines: UI & UX Design, Web Development

Conseris is a comprehensive data collection and analysis tool targeted for researchers and data gatherers. Its aim is to bring the power of the cloud and digital collaboration to the under-supported research community, particularly in the realms of field data collection, sharing, presentation, and analysis.

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The Problem

Field researchers are constantly generating data in numerous locations, but without a desktop or laptop readily available with a data collection program, that data is not readily collectible. Most organizations revert to the flexibility of pen and paper to collect structured data, at the expense of slow data entry, a required second step to digitize the data, the added waste of paper, and the lack of redundancy.

Additionally, most modern researchers and data collectors lack an effective tool to visualize their data in order to understand the patterns within it. To combat this problem, some university-based data shops have devoted their time, research, and resources to developing complex, high-level software for data visualization. These programs tend to be time-consuming and difficult to use.

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Our Solution

Our software designers and developers knew that there was a better way. The Kuvio Creative team set to work on Conseris, a one-stop-shop for data collection, analysis, and sharing. Gone are the days of endless spreadsheets: Conseris consolidates your data and tracks your project’s evolution with a seamlessly designed archival system. With just a few simple inputs, Conseris automatically develops visualization options that simplify the once-tedious process of manually locating patterns hidden in datasets large and small.

Effortless algorithms, crisp charts, and smooth form options wrapped up in a beautifully slick user interface: What could be better?

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Bottom line... Conseris is for You, and we hope that it helps you make sense of the onslaught of data in this Information Age.

Joseph Young - Founder
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