Project information

  • Client: Web Development
  • Year: 2016
  • Disciplines: UI & UX Design, Web Development

Niteo Products is a formulator, packager, and distributor of automotive maintenance and appearance brands. Their team wanted a simple, clean, and efficient product ordering portal to put more of their products in the hands of customers. Taking the feedback we received from their team, we concluded that the Niteo Products brand needed a site their customers would trust to display the products they already know and love.

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The Problem

When Niteo Products approached us to create their product ordering catalog, our designers and developers went to the drawing board with a simple task: How can we make the Niteo customer’s ordering experience as efficient as possible?

We modernized Niteo Products by providing a clean and tastefully simplistic user interface, combined with easy-to-use ordering options.

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Our Solution

MyNiteo features a beautiful tile system displaying all of their products front-and-center. We wanted to make the product information as accessible as possible, so we implemented a modern hover-feature, displaying menu options for easy information lookup. The cool-toned color scheme provides a modern flair to Niteo Products’ trusted and respected brand image. In the sidebar feature, we included an embedded form option, making customer service at Niteo Products easier than ever.

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