Photos Of Us

Project information

  • Client: Web Development
  • Year: 2016
  • Disciplines: UI & UX Design, Web Development

A photo sharing site that uses physical cards to tag the photos for customers to download or purchase. This allows photographers to take anonymous portrait and event photos and share them with their subjects without having to ask for contact information.

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The Problem

Graduations, weddings, special events, reunions. Life’s most important moments are fleeting, which is why it’s important to capture them. But without a good method for exchanging and organizing contact information between photographer and client, those important mementos are at risk of becoming misplaced.

Event photographers often struggle to develop an organization system that can accommodate large parties and events, making it difficult to sort and organize many different clients’ photos. Manually exchanging contact information can be time-consuming, taking away from time that should be spent capturing beautiful photographs.

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Our Solution

We developed an app and desktop site that eliminates the need for photographers to manually log their clients’ contact information for distributing event photos. Photos of Us is a photo sharing platform that uses cards printed with unique codes that digitally tag photos taken during the event. Photographers can distribute these cards as a seamless and more efficient way to organize and share their photos. Users simply enter their code to view, download, and purchase their photos, no contact information required.

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What Our Users Are Saying

Our friends at the Botanical Research Institute of Texas agree: Photos of Us is the more efficient way to capture events. Displayed are high-resolution photos captured from BRIT’s 2016 Prarie Day event! Following our successful beta launch, we set to work on making our official Photos of Us launch the best it could be. While our site isn’t quite ready yet, our developers and designers have been hard at work making Photos of Us the premium organizational tool for photographers and event planners. Sign up on our website to be the first to know when the app officially launches!

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Anonymous photo delivery for photographers, without any expensive hardware.

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