About Us

The Kuvio Creative team is driven by change and innovation. Our desire is to help those who are overlooked in the business community. Our team collaborates from all corners of the globe to create websites and apps that “wow” our clients. Together we are innovators that strive to stand out from the crowd, and offer expertise in web & app design & development, marketing, branding, UI & UX. We tackle every problem with an open-mind and push the boundaries to make a final product that will surely impress.

  • Jessica Coyle

    Marketing Associate

  • Antonio Correia

    Solutions Developer

  • Fernando Rodrigues

    Solutions Developer

  • Rhonda Edwards

    Director of Operations

  • Kris-Anne Viray

    Creative Designer

  • Margaret Landefeld

    Solutions Developer

  • Georgia Dunstan-Brown

    QA, Technical Writer

  • Layla Hedges

    Solutions Developer

  • Joseph Young

    Founder, Director of Architecture

  • Bartho Bernsmann

    Solutions Developer

  • Kieran Parker

    Director of Design

  • Kayla DiPilato

    Marketing Associate


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