About Us

We are a team of talented, experienced, and dedicated individuals, dispersed around the globe, who are all committed to one goal: Consistently exceeding our clients’ expectations. Individually, we are developers, engineers, designers, and writers. When we combine these skills and work together we become a pack of innovators, pushing each other to always do better. We are always excited when clients have a new idea and they aren’t yet sure how it can be be produced. We push the boundaries with them to create something spectacular.

  • Joseph Young

    Founder, Director of Architecture

  • Fernando Rodrigues

    Solutions Developer

  • Jessica Coyle

    Marketing Associate

  • Bartho Bernsmann

    Solutions Developer

  • Margaret Landefeld

    Solutions Developer

  • Antonio Correia

    Solutions Developer

  • Kayla DiPilato

    Marketing Associate

  • Kris-Anne Viray

    Creative Designer

  • Kieran Parker

    Director of Design

  • Layla Hedges

    Solutions Developer

  • Georgia Dunstan-Brown

    QA, Technical Writer

  • Rhonda Edwards

    Director of Operations


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