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Benefits of Flexible Working Hours

Lia Fialho

When people think about corporate work culture, they typically imagine a standard 9-5 Monday through Friday schedule. While this does tend to be the most common, is it the most efficient? Since Kuvio started, we have implemented a 30 hour flexible work week for our employees. Over the years, we have found that implementing a flexible schedule for our team has had a positive impact on our employees and on our business. Here are some of the benefits we have noticed from providing flexible working hours. 

1. Increases Productivity 

One of the benefits of a flexible work schedule is increased productivity. Not everyone works well in a 9-5 schedule. Some employees may find that they are more productive earlier in the day while others prefer working in the evenings. Some team members might want to work straight through their hours while others prefer to break them up. By allowing your employees to work when they feel the most productive, you increase the quality of work being produced by your company. 

2. Prevents Burnout 

Often times when employees are not given enough time off and time to rest, they experience burnout. This burnout makes it hard to complete work, and creates a sense of reduced accomplishment. By providing employees with a flexible schedule and hours, it allows them to take the time necessary when they are feeling overwhelmed with the work that they have. Preventing this burnout not only increases efficiency but also helps to create an environment that your employees are comfortable being in every day.

3. Prioritizes employee wellness 

Everyone has different things going on in their lives. Some of your employees may have children, some may be taking care of family members, etc. Whatever is going on, having flexible hours will help with their mental health and overall wellness. Life is complicated and people have lives outside of their job. When personal challenges pop up, employees may sacrifice their own wellbeing out of fear of retaliation at work. By providing flexibility to accommodate for any unforeseen circumstances and challenges, you are prioritizing the health of your employees and providing them the opportunity to have a healthy work-life balance.  

Flexible hours contribute to an overall positive work environment. Obviously no company is perfect. There is always room for improvement and there will always be challenges that arise. However, employee happiness and wellbeing doesn’t need to be a challenge. It can be difficult to find the balance between wellness and efficiency, but it is doable. Updating internal business structures and genuinely prioritizing the happiness of your team will reduce turnover, and have a long lasting positive impact. 

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