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Even More Tools for Staying At Home

Team Kuvio

Over the past week, we have continued to find interesting, cool, and free or discounted resources to make staying at home a little easier. Some of these will help you crush it while staying at home while others will help you fill your free time with things you enjoy!  

Webinar: Staying Productive While Working Remotely

We are really proud of this one so we had to include it! The Kuvio team came together to compile our tips and tricks for being productive when working from home. This isn’t just for people who recently transitioned to remote work! We have also included tips for existing remote workers experiencing a productivity slump as a result of the pandemic. 

42 Ways to Stay Connected with Coworkers 

Missing your morning trip to the coffee shop with your team or your afternoon trip to the water cooler? While we can’t be physically together, your connections with your coworkers don’t have to fizzle. Check out these ideas to keep everyone in touch and reduce feelings of isolation.

A Master Spreadsheet of Activities and Live Events 

This spreadsheet offers a very comprehensive list of digital events happening and is divided by category. You can also submit cool events you learn about to help the list grow. Need something to do right now? There is even a tab filled with great anytime activities. 

LinkedIn Learning Remote Work Course

LinkedIn has opened up its course on remote working for free! It is 14 hours of great content that can help you get used to working in this new format. Complete the whole thing or jump around and pick out topics that appeal to you. Either way, you are sure to learn something new. 

Daily UI Design Challenge 

This one is for all of the designers and aspiring designers out there! Keep your skills sharp with this daily UI challenge. Maybe create a game for yourself where you commit to completing seven or even 30 days in a row and see how much you can learn through these quick exercises. 

Tour Many, Many Museums 

Wanderlust doesn’t stop just because travel has! Luckily, you can tour over 2,500 museums virtually, which means you can be in Paris in the morning and in South Korea by the afternoon. The only hard part is deciding which to check out first. 

Free UC Berkely Lectures

This lecture archive allows you to view lectures from experts on a variety of topics dating all the way back from 1904 to the present. Whether you want to learn something new about your area of study or dive into a totally unfamiliar topic, this site can certainly help you fill an afternoon. 

How to Set Up a Home Office in a Small Apartment

Maybe working from bed seemed like a good idea at first, but by now you are probably looking for a bit of a more structured workspace. This article gives you some tips on how to achieve that even if you are working with a small amount of space. 

The Kuvio Caller

Are you a small business owner or an aspiring entrepreneur looking for some tips? Check out the Kuvio Caller! Each week, Kuvio Creative founder Joseph Young chats with a different guest to discuss a wide range of small business topics: from why you need an employee handbook to how to avoid analysis paralysis.

Free Audio Books From Audible 

Audible has made many literary classics and a lot of children’s books available to listen to for free. They even have offerings in a variety of languages!

Bonus: Conference Call Bingo 

Send this around to your coworkers for some laughs. Who can mark them all off?

We hope these resources add a little joy to your week. Is there another tool or opportunity we should know about? Let us know on Twitter, @KuvioCreative! 

Stay safe and stay home!

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