10 Unique Small Business Tips

Kayla DiPilato

We know firsthand that launching a small business can be scary, but it is also very exciting! Today we complied some of our favorite tips for launching a business that can help you feel more confident during this hectic time. So, if you are considering starting a business, getting ready to launch, or have recently opened read on for insights that can help!

Absorb everything

When you tell people about your business you will likely hear a LOT of opinions and you should do your best to absorb all of them! Have a dedicated place where you write down and organize feedback from friends, family, business owners, that random lady at your hair salon… everyone. When you have all of the information, you can be more critical as you review it, but you will want to have as much information as you can. Later on, apply context to the advice by asking questions like, “Were they just being nice?” and “Do they have my best interests in mind?” and then decide what  feedback you should use.

Don’t go in alone

Your business is your baby and you may want to do everything yourself: both because you are so passionate and because you want to save money. However, in the long-run, assembling a small and trustworthy team will make things more manageable so that you don’t get burnt out and so that nothing falls through the cracks. Whether you need to hire one assistant or an opening team of five, don’t be afraid to look for help. Wondering who to hire? Check out our blog post about how to build a great team.

Track your costs

The time just before a launch can bring along some unexpected costs that can quickly spiral out of control. Maybe you forgot to order to-go bags and now you have to pay to for rush shipping or maybe you want to add some additional money to your online advertising budget. These types of purchases are bound to come up, but tracking them all in a spreadsheet can help you keep these costs from becoming overwhelming.

Research, research, research

We are very lucky to live in the age of the Internet where the answer to almost any question is always at your fingertips. Use this to your advantage! Read the blogs of other business owners, check out other online stores to see how you want to structure yours, read everything you ever wanted to know about online marketing- find whatever information you need so that you are knowledgeable and prepared for your launch.

Get clients first

If you are still at your 9 to 5 while getting things in order to go full-time with your business, this is still a great time to start getting your first clients and building momentum. These happy clients can spread the word about you while you’re growing your business and the income you receive from them will provide capital to help your launch.

Address excuses head on

When you are working to start your business there are hundreds of excuses that come up that can potentially stall your progress Not everyone you talk to will be supportive, not everything will run smoothly, and you won’t always be sure of your idea. But, you shouldn’t let this hold you back, instead, think about the excuse and how you can combat the problem directly. This can be a great way to address problems without getting bogged down.

Keep your passion, but also be practical

Launching a business is a stressful time and emotions run high, however you should try your best to avoid letting your emotions get in the way of making the best decision for your organization. In order to do this, if you are making a major decision take time to put your emotions to the side and then see how you feel. Asking others for advice and writing a pro and con lists are other great ways to remain practical when under a lot of pressure.

Don’t be afraid of professional help

Even after all of the online research you have done and all of the prep work, you may have some lingering questions that just don’t seem to have a simple answer. For questions that are very specific to your organization and strategy, don’t be afraid to call upon a business consultant. If you find one that is a good fit it can be a worthwhile investment that will  pay off for years to come.

Get some legal background

You don’t need to be a lawyer to successfully launch your business, but it is helpful to read up on some of the major policies related to small businesses governance and taxes. This is one situation where it is better to ask for permission rather than forgiveness, so make sure to read up on the laws that will help you avoid any unexpected legal trouble. Feeling overwhelmed? Hiring a lawyer to help you for even a few hours may be a very worthy investment.

Take the plunge

Your nerves and apprehensions may lead you to keep pushing your launch date back further and further until everything is “perfect”.  In reality, you may just be holding yourself back, no matter when you launch there will be hiccups and you will get through them! Once you have prepared, take a deep breath, set a launch date and stick to it! Trust that all of the hard work you have put in will pay off.  

What piece of advice or information did you think was most helpful when launching your small business? Let us know on Twitter, @Kuviocreative. If you’re in the process of launching soon, we hope this helps and wish you the best of luck!

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