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Branding and tools for a new cybersecurity company


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The Challenge

Cyberforward is a unique cyber security website that helps their partners define and manage their systems’ security posture, by taking a policy-based approach. We set out to create a website as unique and powerful as their mission, while also ensuring easy navigation for their clients.



The primary goal of Cyberfoward’s landing page is to convert website visitors into customers. Therefore, it is important that all elements of the page work toward this objective. This is done through the strategic placement of clear, call-to-action buttons that are visually distinct and eliminate distractions that are not related to Cyberforward’s call to action. As a result, we have narrowed the focus for the visitors, which makes it easy for them to take the desired action when they visit the page. Clicking on the call to action button redirects the user to Cyberfoward’s short quotation questionnaire where the user submits their contact information.

Font and Colour

Throughout the site, the use of both sans serif and serif fonts highlights the hierarchy of the page and therefore guides the user’s eye.

To make this an effective landing page, we made smart use of not only eye-catching visuals but also strategic colors. Cyberforward’s main color is blue which reinforces trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence and intelligence. It’s also important for the page to have contrast between the colour of the buttons and the background.


We created isometric illustrations to further represent the technological aspect of Cyberforward, while making the site visually appealing at the same time. We’ve made sure to use visuals to keep the focus on the most important features of the page. In addition to this, we also created a set of icons in the same style to support the overall mood and appeal of the brand.

Pattern and Layout

The landing page alternates texture, pattern and color blocks in order to be dynamic while maintaining a clean and attractive visual impression. This allows visitors to find the information they need in a non-intrusive way.


Secure File System

The Results

Overall, we combined a celestial style, logical organization, and strategic design choices to create a website which will optimize Cyberforward’s conversion rate while also providing a seamless experience for existing clients.


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