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The Challenge

Eliana's Light supports families with children who have complex medical conditions by providing a community-based collaborative approach to pediatric care that’s focused on their whole health and well-being. However, their existing website was cluttered and did not convey the calm and comfort that lives at the organization’s core. We set out to update the designs, tweak the branding, and simplify the layout of the website so that it is easier for parents to access the support services they need. In addition, we provided consultation for the organization’s end-of-year fundraising initiative, the #Shine Campaign, to help the organization increase its fundraising reach.

Eliana's Light


The mission of Eliana’s Light is to support families with children who have complex medical conditions by focusing on their whole health and well-being. We wanted to translate this visually in a simple and straightforward way, whilst also showing the organization's empathetic and caring side. This was reinforced in the designs by using a minimal and clean layout, a softer color palette and images that emphasize empathy and human connection. It was important that we keep the designs balanced in order to distance the site from looking too much like it is for children as the majority of Eliana’s Light’s visitors are parents going through heavy challenges and members of the medical profession. Moreover, Eliana’s Light’s potential partners are wellness companies, thus, we reinforced professionalism, while building their credibility among those audiences.


The main palette of the brand consists of pastel colors that stress its comfortable and caring image. The warm tones reinforce warmth and comfort while the cool tones reinforce wellness and professionalism. By pairing these two complementary colors, we created the perfect balance for the brand.


We opted for Circular STD and Futura as Eliana’s Light’s brand fonts for a timeless and modern look. Although these are both sans serif fonts, they still create a visual differentiation between the body text and headers. Circular STD has circular features, geometric style and retains its friendliness and approachability. Futura has an appearance of efficiency and forwardness. Its clean and sharp edges make it the perfect candidate for the site’s body text. By using these seamless yet contrasting fonts, visual contrast and significance are emphasized.


We designed Eliana’s Light’s website to share their story and mission with the people they care for the most. The main objective of the site is to provide their visitors a platform that will educate them about what the organization does and explain ways they can get involved. The site also aims to exude a friendly yet clean and professional vibe.

Getting voluntary donations from visitors is an integral outcome of the site, therefore we made sure that the donate buttons were strategically placed throughout the page. These buttons are unmissable and easy to click with the font choice, generous amount of space around the text, and a bold background that contrasts with the text color.

To create an effortless reading experience for visitors, we structured the website to follow the cone principle - important information at the top such as what Eliana’s Light is about and donate buttons, and then it gradually drills down to the more specific, with supporting information such as resources, events and a contact form. We made each piece of content count by dividing it into logical sections and by leaving ample white space between each section, making it easier for visitors to find what they’re looking for.

Fundraising Campaign

We collaborated with Eliana’s Light to help execute their second annual end-of-year fundraising push known as the #Shine Campaign. 

We created unique branded collateral for social media and an appeal video to catch donors' attention. We also developed an email series of appeals and launched a peer to peer fundraising initiative amongst existing donors. All of these efforts help the organization to increase its funding so that it can serve even more families in need.

The Results

Eliana’s Light provides a constellation of support to families with children who have complex medical conditions. We created a website that provides families with a sense of comfort while they access the information they need so that they can focus their energy on what matters. The #Shine Campaign will help the organization to deepen its impact and serve a greater number of families in need.

Note: Eliana's Light is a recipient of the Kuvio Create Impact Grant and services were provided at no cost. Learn more about the program here:


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