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Treasure Box Angels

A growing organization's first website


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The Challenge

Treasure Box Angels is a nonprofit organization that fundraises for the Loma Linda Children’s Hospital, Unit 4800- Oncology. They provide toys, comfort items, and support to children battling life-threatening medical conditions. The organization was founded in 1995, but have never had a website and have promoted their organization primarily through Facebook, email, and offline channels. As their organization continues to grow, we set out to create a website that is functional, informative and provides the trustworthy brand image the organization deserves.

Treasure Box Angels


The goal of the design was to develop an identity rich in elements and playful forms to create a childlike universe for the brand. We’ve achieved this by using playful expressions from kids - the elements of the brand formation are doodles, scribbles and geometric elements - and a wide range of colors from their original branding - blue, pink, purple, orange, green and yellow. These are the foundation for the creation of the brand assets but at the same time, we’ve modernized them in order to be applicable on all types of mediums.


Treasure Box Angels wanted to retain their color scheme because their audience was already familiar with and invested in it. Their colors are fun, bold, playful and creative which we’ve also translated graphically by using the creativity of kids’ through scribbles and doodles.


The selected typography also supports the overarching playful vibe of the brand. Nunito is a sans serif font with smooth edges and rounded corners. It’s simple and modern yet friendly, and its softness which gives an inviting feeling makes it a suitable font for the brand.


The primary goal of the website is to get voluntary donations. With that said, we’ve strategically placed donation buttons throughout the site while keeping it balanced so the user doesn’t feel as if they’re being bombarded. We’ve also made sure that the user gets vital information about Treasure Box Angels so they’re mindful of the brand’s mission, vision, and values. We’ve also incorporated a gallery and events that visitors can participate in. By doing so, we’re humanizing the brand and the site allows the visitor to perceive the site in a non-intrusive way.


Words cannot express the gratitude we have for all the help the Kuvio team has given us these past few months. We were so appreciated when we were selected & won the grant for our website set-up. From the very 1st email/phone conference contact to the numerous emails asking all kinds of crazy tech questions, they were very professional, patient & helpful in creating what we wanted. 

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything you have done for us. We love our website!!!-Tina Carreira, Treasure Box Angels

The Results

Treasure Box Angels provides critical support to children in need. We created a website that will help them to increase their reach as an organization allowing them to connect with a greater number of donors and supporters. In turn, the organization will have the ability to help a larger number of families who will also more easily access the organization via the website.

Note: Treasure Box Angels is a recipient of the Kuvio Create Impact Grant and services were provided at no cost. Learn more about the program here:


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